June 17, 2019

River Queen Slot: Novomatics queen has style and a great fortune

The unique gambling specialist Novomatic has once again managed to raise the expectations of the fans immensely. Many friends of Novo Line machines have been waiting for a slot like this for years! River Queen is the hope on which the gigantic company from Gumpoldskirchen, Austria, is based!

The River Queen is at home in a tranquil little town on the Mississippi. Grown up on the river and from a good home, she is known throughout the city as the Queen of the River. Foreign sailors pretend to be on a commercial voyage if you anchor at this place, but the small town on the Mississippi does not trade at all. The real destination is the River Queen, for whom men travel thousands of nautical miles just to catch a glimpse.

Technical features

5 reels, 3 symbols, oh no, the basic structure of River Queen is somewhat different than the norm. With River Queen there are not only three symbols per roll, but even four symbols! What impact does this have on the player? River Queen comes with a full 50 paylines and you can use any one of them for your winnings. If you don’t hit, we won’t know what to do!

Finally, we can finally play a Novomatic slot machine with just one cent bet! But if you have a bigger wallet, you can also make bigger bets up to 100€. This allows the player to choose exactly when and how much he wants to bet and can survive long periods with small bets, as well as happy phases with large bets really profitable. That’s how it has to be!

The River Queen may of course also be well staged. That’s why this slot machine is also very nicely designed and will be a real feast for the eyes, especially for players who are still used to Book of Ra or Sizzling Hot. River Queen is something like the revolution of the Novomatic games, a small revolution, but at least!

bonuses and winnings

River Queen is equipped with a whole treasure chest of prizes. Let’s just take the symbols, which come in very different valences, but always promise fun. While the normal symbols from 10 to A do not result in too high winnings, the symbols are worth gold. Let’s take the neatly dressed gentleman who ensnares our River Queen as an example. Even if we play with 50 paylines, we get eight times the bet back when it occurs in a combination of five.

But there are even better symbols! The River Queen not only makes us happy with her presence, but also with 20 times her winnings and she is also a Wild symbol! That promises fabulous winnings! But even the scatter has it all. You can get your stake back up to two hundred times and there are even free spins!

free spins always come in packs of 10 and have Moving Wilds at the start. For all of you who are not familiar with these things, we would like to explain it. These Wilds are movable Jokers, which replace all other symbols, but don’t stay in one place. Every round the game moves on and surprises the player in a positive way. The position in which the game stops plays an important role!

The big jackpot is not won, but there is another way to open the casket. Can’t get enough from the River Queen? Then invite the young woman to appear on every position on the machine! 20 River Queen symbols at once are not only stunning to look at, they also pay out 50,000 coins! With the maximum coin value of 2 Euro you are thus 100,000 Euro richer. Isn’t that a reason to play River Queen?