February 25, 2015

Pablo Picasslot Slot: Leander Games demonstrates artistic talent

We like the Videoslots from Leander Games! Here nothing is left to chance, the appropriate themes are selected and perfectly implemented in the usual Leander Games way. Always a bit playful and comic-like but always pretty. The game mechanics are mostly regular, but from time to time mine finds a nice little detail.

The title Picasslot consists of the name Picasso and the English name Slot. So it’s Picasso’s slot machine you can look forward to. But what can the player expect in concrete terms? A masterpiece of a slot machine, with a beautiful design? We have found out!

Technical features

The technology of Leander Games slot machines is always on a very high level. 5 reels and 3 symbols per reel form a solid base that is complemented by 20 paylines. So in the end you come to the conclusion that Picasslot plays like an ordinary slot machine. No magic tricks and no stroke of genius at this point.

Of course we are interested in the graphics at Picasslot as experienced players. Here we are not disappointed. The slot is completely in 3D, with Picasso’s studio in the background in Picasso himself, who takes a seat next to the roles. Sometimes he even intervenes in the game, but more about that in the bonus area!

The music is very fitting this time and really gives the player the feeling of being right in the middle of it instead of just being there. The surreal atmosphere of the video slot couldn’t be better emphasized.

bonuses and winnings

From our point of view Picasslot is all about the wild symbols. These are not like in other slot machines in the style of the other symbols available, but Leander Games introduces an exciting innovation.

When the reels rotate, markers appear that span multiple symbols. The fields can have different shapes and sizes, but the result is always the same. When a complete field lands on the rollers, it is transformed into a masterful painting, just like Picasso. Then all the symbols within the field become a single symbol that completes the patchy paylines.

But there are more ways to win. Leander Games has integrated free spins into Picasslot. With only three free spins you can win 8 free spins, in which Picasso always paints you a nice painting. That means more winnings and more fun!

All this is rounded off with a bonus feature where you get coin winnings. All you have to do is select pictures on the wall and the winnings are yours. But don’t expect to receive a bonus game all the time, because the probability is relatively low.