April 28, 2019

Goldenman Slot: Rival Gaming and a Heroic Bonus Game

All players who are fans of superheroes and villains can be happy. Rival Gaming has developed “Goldenman”, a slot where everything revolves around the superhero with the golden armor. If you don’t cling too dogmatically to the Marvel universe, you’ll find your fun here. Because Goldenman is actually a (maybe even a bit tired) copy of Iron Man or Anthony Starck, the main character invented by Stan Lee in 1970. Goldenman has a similar story to the famous big brother: a billionaire who leads a double life. Sometimes he is a superhero who protects the city from villains, sometimes he is a normal citizen. Well, as normal as a billionaire can be. As soon as he puts on his golden armor and helmet, he becomes the Avenger of the Poor. In this game Goldenman wants to prevent the attack of a terrorist, who looks like the Joker from Batman (only somehow worse) and who wears a golden mask confusingly. Hä?

Technical features

Good copy is mostly super and obviously Rival Gaming has copied something from Stan Lee here. But the title “Goldenman” definitely sounds very racy and is better than other slot machine names from Rival Gaming. The slot machine’s design is comic-like and unlike the Marvel slot machines, which use real photos of the actors in the movies, there are only comic figures here. For understandable reasons. The music in the background brings some epic into the scenery, while Goldenman tries to stop the terrorists. Goldenman is actually Tim Karat (clever heads know why he is called Karat, yes…) and he has miraculous super powers and the golden armor that turns him into a semi-humanoid robot. Tim Karat is therefore very strong, protected against firearms and can even shoot with a laser. Or bombs. We are impressed! The slot machine has five reels and 20 paylines. The player can choose a stake of 0.01€ and raise it up to 50€.

The slot machine shines with gold, not only the superhero is made of gold, but as mentioned above the villain, there are gold bars as symbols and the reels are framed by gold. There are also laser weapons, something that looks like an atom, and a brunette lady who is probably the hero’s beloved.

bonuses and winnings

We’ll start with the symbols that pay off for the player. The wild symbol in this game is a rocket, Goldenman’s ultimate weapon. At best, the symbol takes up a lot of space on the reels and pays out winnings. The Wild symbol is particularly common during Free Spins. The scatter symbol is the laser cannon and as soon as it goes off, free spins hail. That can be up to 15, depending on how lucky you are.

The bonus icon is a flying Goldenman, probably on his way to the next rescue of a fair maid. Then the mini bonus game appears.

The graphics don’t make you happy, but the free spins do. We don’t really know what to think of Goldenman and therefore recommend it: Try it out! The lowest stake is quite small and the risk minimal.