August 3, 2019

Dr. Love Slot: NextGen Gaming please free up for the doctor of love

heart attack alarm! A hot doctor and his perhaps even hotter nurse heat up the players from this slot machine. NextGen Gaming developed “Dr. Love”, the slot machine for heartbreakers and hypochondriacs. A gold-locked doctor is up to his tricks here and drives users to play healthy – and hopefully rich soon. The only heart attack there will be here is one when you can’t believe your winnings. We take a closer look at this winning hospital and report why it is worth playing. Nurse, please go to the examination room 3!

Technical features

NextGen Gaming couldn’t really decide between surgery and a dating show, because “Dr. Love” looks like a mixture of both. The background behind the five rollers is a strong purple-pink and gaudy. The symbols look like from a hospital comic: the hot, red-haired nurse, a bouquet of flowers to get well, stethoscope, pills in a mug, a teddy bear, a pocket watch as they wear nurses, a connected patient, crutches, a heartbeat, ambulance, a barometer with hearts and the slightly too blond Dr. Love with Colgate smiles. These are a lot of symbols that are on the 20 paylines here. The patient (no matter if he is insured by law or privately) can choose how much he wants to use, from 0,01 € to 40 € everything is possible. The symbols with the lowest profit value are the pills and the stethoscope, while Dr. Love is the symbol with the highest value, as we explain in the section “Bonuses and winnings”.

Bonuses and winnings

Dr. Love does not offer a multiplier, but otherwise has a few features in his pocket. And right at the beginning we want to mention that if Dr. Love appears on all five reels, the jackpot of 8500 € beckons! So, if you haven’t loved Dr. Love and his honey pie horse face so far, you’ll love it now. The scatter symbol is represented by the barometer adorned with bright red hearts. The scatter symbol can pay out between 10 and 20 free spins. That makes the player’s heart beat faster! And best of all, during free spins, potential winnings are automatically tripled! Heart attack? Of course!

In addition, there is the Gamble feature, for risk-happy patients. You can select the Gamble feature by clicking on “Gamble” at any time, no matter how high the previous win is. Then you will be shown different colors and have to choose one. If you are right with the guess and hit the right color, the win is doubled! If you are wrong, you lose everything. You can place the winnings five times on the table with the Gamble function and wait to see if Fortuna is hold. Jackpots, however, cannot be doubled. But that’s not too bad, considering the number of free spins that “Dr. Love” spits out. All in all, it’s a decent slot machine, but with some drawbacks. We found the graphics a bit overdrawn, but luckily that’s a matter of taste.