September 8, 2018

Die Kreatur aus dem Slot der Schwarzen Lagune: NetEnt und das Biest

The game is based on the American film “Creature from the Black Lagoon” by Jack Arnold from 1954. The film is considered an archetypal representative of horror film, although it is often shown only in black and white. The plot is simple: Dr. David Reed, his girlfriend Kay Lawrence and a few other scientists embark on a second expedition to the Amazon. They find the research team left behind dead on their return. After further incidents, panic spreads among the researchers. Unnoticed, they are pursued by a threatening gill man, half fish, half human and definitely a monster, who shows remarkable interest in Kay Lawrence. He kidnaps her and is finally shot during the liberation action.

NetEnt used the topic and turned it into an online gaming machine that plays with the classic horror story.

Technical features

“Creature from the black lagoon” has five roles and 20 paylines and was developed by game giant NetEnt. The main goal of the game is of course to bring down the monster and win the jackpot on the side. The symbols and graphics of the game are of course based on the movie. We have the main characters, the research team and the lady Kay Lawrence and symbols related to jungle or an expedition: Machetes, binoculars, diving equipment, camera. So everything the average explorer and adventurer needs. The design is retro and we feel like we’re back in the 50s. The music in the background is restrained and is mostly a quiet, ominous bird chirping with soft, idyllic music from the Amazon. As soon as you win something, there is a loud ink and also quite trashy phrases from the movie “What was that? I don’t know” and also “Sitting out here, waiting for some monster to appear”. You have to like it, we do it, if you do it retro then it’s right!

The bet varies from a small bet of 0,20 € to a maximum bet of 100 €, for the players who want to risk it. The free spins can be recognized quite fast, air bubbles appear (again with the diving theme). The “wild symbol” can be recognized very well by the inscription “wild”, until it finally explodes or dissolves at the right time.

bonuses and winnings

“Creature from the black lagoon” is worthwhile in any case regarding bonuses and winnings! The game gives you a free game from time to time, which can be seen by the fact that Kay is kidnapped out of the water by the creature and brought into a dark underwater cave, where the free games take place. Three Free Spins symbols mean ten Free Spins, four symbols mean 15 Free Spins and the Nonplusultra is five symbols where you get 20 Free Spins!

The more the player wins, the more the creature gets in trouble! Next to the reels is the “Monster Barometer”! As soon as the player wins, it sinks and the creature becomes weaker and weaker. There are four levels, the higher the level, the more you can win. At level 1, as soon as two symbols are hit and there is a “wild” symbol, it will remain visible for another try. If level 2 is reached by collecting three to five symbols, then the “wild” symbol will be activated and there will be another attempt. During level 3 and when six to eight symbols are collected, the second “wild” symbol is activated and remains active until the next round. At level 4, however, 10 free spins will be released if nine symbols are collected.