May 20, 2016

Birds Slot: Betsoft slot machine is good to birds in all colors

Do you like pigeons? Don’t worry, if you don’t like pigeons, that’s okay. At Birds you get to see much nicer birds. Blue birds, green birds, yellow birds, birds with sunglasses and birds with caps cavort here. In short, Birds is a celebration for ornitologists.

Betsoft, the developer of casino software is known for presenting his slot machines with excellent, three-dimensional graphics of the gambling world. We’re not worried that this might go wrong with Birds. But does Betsoft’s latest slot machine also convince?

Technical features

After you have started Birds, you probably need a moment to orientate yourself. This is not because the video slot is not clearly arranged, but because of the revolutionary presentation of the machine. The presentation is really unique. Instead of rolls with symbols we get to see three lines with birds sitting on them. The birds are colourful and cheerful, you look at us with big eyes and sometimes balance on one leg and move your beak rhythmically.

That Betsoft’s Birds is a visually powerful slot machine was never really up for debate. The developer is known for great graphics and modern design. But does this graphic opulence disturb the gaming experience? No, on the contrary, without this graphic the slot machine would not work. The video slot only works because the birds are so beautifully animated. Just take a look at it yourself after the test!

To make sure that you can win a lot on Betsoft’s latest slot, you can even bet €125 per spin. You will always get a win if you get at least three identical symbols next to each other on the reels. Only diagonal lines do not count as winning lines. What makes this system even better is the removal of the winning symbols, which are then replaced free of charge with other symbols, i.e. the newly flown birds.

bonuses and winnings

A few free birds on the clotheslines would be good? That’s what the guys and girls at Betsoft thought and so you can look forward to up to 20 free spins. The more you win, the more free spins you get.

For every win you receive an egg, which disappears after the round. So if you get several wins in one round, which is completely normal, you also get many eggs, collect them and win free spins. Yes, the bird life can be so beautiful!

There is also the possibility to double your winnings. If you are so outlawed, you can flip a coin after each win and bet on either heads or tails. So the brave of us can benefit greatly from this Gamble feature!

The new game mechanics of the neighbouring birds allow the player to win in most rounds. The Free Flights feature with the Free Spins gives you extra winnings, but only if you’re fly like an eagle will you get them.

Although the slot machine doesn’t offer as much bonuses as many other slot machines, it doesn’t automatically mean you can win less here. But still there would have been one or the other feature like a bird scatter already in it.